Repair Cafe this Saturday – Feb 17

The Transition Marquette County Repair Cafe will be open on this Saturday, Feb 17, from noon to 4PM to handle repairs people bring from home. Repair tools are set up in the Marquette Arts and Culture Center in the basement of Peter White Public Library. Started last spring as an NMU student project, it is now in its second year of operation and is growing steadily, opening on the third Saturday of each month. Volunteer repair talent includes computers/electronics, sewing machine repair and adjustment, small appliances and lamps, clothing repairs, and most anything that can be carried in.

Repair Cafes are free meeting places and they are all about repairing things together. The first Repair Cafe opened in the Netherlands eight years ago. In addition to Marquette, Michigan Repair Cafes are also in Petoskey and Whitehall. Of the 1450 locations in the world, 67 are in the United States. Their purpose is to teach people how to repair their own things so they can save money and resources while diverting items out of the waste stream destined for dumps. The public with items to be repaired, or just their curiosity, are invited to stop in.

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