Group Buy for Nutrient-Dense Potatoes

Growing potatoes this year?

While the Seed Co-op is a thing of the past, Transition Marquette County is coordinating a “group buy” of three different varieties of seed potato. They are visually striking – red, blue, and gold with purple skin – but more than that, they have some of the highest micro-nutrient values (vitamin, mineral, and anti-oxidant) of any potatoes available. They are from a company in Wisconsin and are certified organic and disease free. We are ordering them now (by Feb 14th) before they sell out, but they will be delivered to Marquette just in time for planting in May.

We invite you to check out the offerings by clicking on “The 2018 Potato Order” link above, and if they fit into your gardening plans this summer, place an order. We will email you when they come.

If you have questions, email  or and we will get back to you. 

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